We offer full network services to local business
users – and at excellent rates!

Standard tasks include PC and server installation, operating system
upgrades, server and rack installation and full configuration of Microsoft's
powerful Small Business Server operating system to exact requirements,
network cabling (CAT 5E, 6 and fibre optic), electrical cabling, plus set up
of routers and switches. Increasingly popular are our 'getting this to talk
to that' services – Blackberry, Ipod and mobile connectivity to give
business users great communications which they're in control of.

Emergencies include fast supply of replacement PCs and fileservers, lap
tops, printers, virus busting, data recovery, disaster recovery.

We offer services on an ad hoc basis – much cheaper and less bullying than
contracts – but will provide contract quotes if you prefer.

Rates vary from £45 to £30 per hour depending upon the number of hours
required, and a small surcharge is added to the first hour to cover travel
costs, varying according to your location.

We think you'll like us – many local businesses do, and references can be